Ag Weather Impacts - Apple Pollination

Dennis: The bees were a buzzin this past week as nearly perfect pollination weather was at hand. Yesterday, I talked with Mike Bush, long time WSU extension specialist in Yakima about the apple crop.

Mike: Based on the weather forecasts and the weather we’ve had in the past week, there has been a lot of bee activity and anything that is in bloom at this time is going to be well set.

Dennis: After the fruit is set, growers will be monitoring for pests and disease potential:

Mike: Those growers that are in the post bloom stage have probably already put out their mating disruption ties and within a week or two the growers will start putting out their sprays for coddling moth.

Dennis: Over the past 20 years, Mike has seen apple varieties evolve. HoneyCrisp has risen to be the one of the most popular at the fruit stands followed by Fuji and Gala, but there is a new variety that WSU has on limited release:

Mike: Cosmic Crisp, it does have Honey Crisp in its lineage, does have the good unique flavor that Honey Crisp does, except sweeter, it stores well, does not brown quite as fast.

Dennis: So be looking for Cosmic Crisp in the next few years. My Thanks to WSU’s Mike Bush.

Article by Dennis Hull, Ag Info