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With the Fruit Grower Report I’m Susan Allen. Growers had to win a lottery to plant the first commercial Cosmic Crisp apples. About 700,000 trees will be planted in 2017. Here is Dr. Kate Evans, Assoc. Professor and Apple Breeder, WSU speaking at a recent grower event, explaining what happens after that first year.

Evans: Beyond 2017 there will be no restriction on the orders so there has been a bit of confusion about that, on that people seem to think we will continuing this drawing process about the availability of buds, that not the case. We fully expect that beyond 2017 it will up to growers to just order a tree with a nursery like any other tree.

Growers can buy from any nursery they would like.

Evans: There are no restrictions on which Washington Nursery to use we have really tried to get it out there into as many nurseries as we could.

There are not exclusive Packers either.

Evans: The choice of the packer or marketer is up to the grower, There will be a unified brand development so we kind of thought it was important. We have a trade marked name now we need to have some unification in the messaging that goes out to consumers about the fruit and it will be in Washington State only for about ten so Washington will have the head start in getting it out and hopefully making some decent returns.

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Article by Susan Allen, Fruit Grower Report


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