WA 38 & WA 2 Fall Field Visit – Quincy & Rock Island

WA 38 & WA 2 Fall Field Visit

Join us to discuss horticulture and storage of WA 38 (Cosmic Crisp™), WSU’s newest breeding program release.

  • Observe tree growth habits of older orchard.
  • Review harvest planning and storage decisions based on maturity.
  • Observe WA 2
  • Observe tree response to mechanical pruning and string thinning.
  • Discuss sunburn.

10:00 a.m. – Tour starts at field plots in Quincy
11:45 a.m. – Move to WSU Sunrise Research Orchard


  • Allan Brothers, NE Corner of Hwy 28 and White trail Rd, Quincy, WA
  • WSU Sunrise Orchard, off highway 28 on Sunrise Lane, about 11 miles south of Wenatchee, WA

Event Contacts:

Ines Hanrahan hanrahan@treefruitreseaarch.com
Karen Lewis kmlewis@wsu.edu
Stefano Musacchi stefano.musacchi@wsu.edu
Tom Auvil auvil@treefruitresearch.com
Kate Evans kate_evans@wsu.edu
or call WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center at 509-663-8181