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Cosmic Crisp® brand WA 38 trees comes to full-bloom 5 to 7 days after 'Gala' and 'Red Delicious'; bloom period are shorter than 'Red Delicious'*. The number of blossoms per bud ranges from four to six with individual flowers large in size (53.9 mm in diameter). Petals are white with red–purple highlights. Both surfaces of the sepals are yellow–green with tips highlighted red–purple.

The fruit ripens from late September to early October in Wenatchee, ≈4 weeks after ‘Gala’ and 3 weeks before ‘Fuji’, in ‘Red Delicious’ season. Fruit is large, similar to ‘Fuji’ and larger than ‘Gala’ and round conical in shape with an average equatorial diameter of 8.4 cm and axis length of 7.9 cm. At harvest, fruit has a conspicuous bloom. Skin under color is from the red group with overstreak from the grayed purple group. Lenticels are numerous, small, round, and smooth with the skin. Fruit skin is smooth and russet has not been observed. Pedicel is long, averaging 25.7 mm; the pedicel cavity is acuminate in shape and has an average depth of 2.3 cm. Wa 38 is moderately susceptible to mildew and fire blight but is not prone to sunburn or bitter pit*.

The apple has been highly rated for its sweet, tangy flavor and has exceptional storability, WSU notes. The tree is upright and spreading with moderately low vigor, and is precocious, meaning it will start producing fruit at a younger age, with spur development beginning on 2-year-old wood. Yield is within the range of other locally grown apple cultivars. The fruit ripens in late September, is large and round/conical with 90 to 100 percent of the surface covered with a rich red-purple color over a green-yellow background. The fruit is red and symmetrical with red-striped blush (55-80%) and attractive, prominent lenticels. The sizes are medium to large and decreases as trees mature. They have a narrow size range with 85-90% of fruit within four classes*.

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*Information updated from "Wa 38 Fact Sheet" 05/08/15